May 23, 2005

Electro Media Mix CD-R

In 1969 made some recordings on a very cheap cassette recorder in San francisco. I recently bought a machine that makes CDs from tapes, so I decided to transfer some of my old cassettes. This is the first.

These recordings are not music - they're a mix of electronic and acoustic noises - but they're mildly interesting. The sound quality is pretty bad. My CD-R package includes liner notes describing my frame of mind at the time and pictures of the original cassettes. It runs about 45 minutes. It might put you to sleep if you try to focus on it, so don't listen to it while driving at night.

If you want one, send me a $5 bill and ask for the "Electro Media Mix CD".

Bob Lee
PO Box 719
Cloverdale CA 94952

May 17, 2005

Image Anomaly

Here's a satellite photo of San Francisco, courtesy of Google Maps.

On the lower half of the picture, you see the south face of the buildings as expected. But above the center line, you see the north face of City Hall, the Federal Building, etc. It's like the map is actually two photos taken from different angles (above the equator & north pole?) and then spliced together.

At first I thought is was an optical illusion, but the more I look at it the more I think something's fishy here.