August 30, 2005

The Truth

I guess blogs are places where people can bare their souls to the world. Somewhere inside of me is an eighth-grade poet who just loves rhythm, rhyme and introspection. I've never progressed beyond an adolescent level in my poetry, but it's part of who I am. I write a poem every year or two. I usually throw them away. Here's my latest - I hope you enjoy it:

The Truth

The truth is a line from beginning to end.
The truth is a circle, a sphere to transcend.
The truth is a story to the devout.
The truth is a myth, a shadow of doubt.

Truth never changes, truth always is.
Truth contains everything, yours, mine and His.
Truth is the journey, all that we've seen.
Truth lies before us, behind and between.

The truth is a lifetime of triumph, then shame.
The truth is we've no one but ourselves to blame.
The truth is alone in the still of the night.
The truth is exposed in the sunny day light.

So when truth confronts us, and can't be denied,
When truth and the tales spun about us collide,
Know that the truth is not just about you -
Agnostic and fearless, it's simply what's true.

The truth is a festival, filled with delight.
The truth is a massacre, teeming with fright.
The truth is a lifetime of fear, joy and pain.
The truth is a love both profound and profane.

Truth never changes, truth always is.
Truth contains everything, yours, mine and His.
Truth lies before us, around the next bend.
Truth is the life from beginning to end.

Thanks to my Aunt Dolores Fruth, an accomplished poet, for the inspiration and encouragement.

August 17, 2005

Three Octave Marimba

I had some film left over in the camera after my recent trip to Pennsylvania so I took a picture of the bigger marimba. It's a funky old instrument with not much tone, but it's okay for learning. I bought it on Ebay for just $266.

August 06, 2005

John Reese - Navarro

Some songs are just perfect for my little diatonic marimba. Here's a living room recording of John Reese, Nancy Freitas and me playing John's picturesque masterpiece "Navarro".