September 15, 2005

Trio Recording

As promised, here's a recording of "Internal Combustion":
3.3 MB MP3 File

It's John Reese, Nancy Freitas and me, recorded at my house last night.

September 12, 2005

Internal Combustion

John Reese and I wrote a new song yesterday. It was sort of strange because I wrote the lyrics and emailed them to John, and he wrote the music. Usually John's the wordsmith.

Anyway, here are the lyrics. If all goes well, I'll post a recording later this week.


Internal Combustion
is a slow burning fire.
One hand on the throttle,
one on your desire

Internal Combustion
is a chemical fact
in the heat of the moment,
caught up in the act.

Verse 1:
Masses of people moving this way and that.
Accosted by forces, barely time to react.
But under the surface, untouched by the rain,
fueled with a purpose is a smoldering flame.


Verse 2:
Frozen in time, in a memory stilled,
is the shadow of life in a dream unfulfilled.
Know that it's true, know there's no doubt:
when it reaches the end, the fire will go out.

Internal Combustion has a limit in time.
One eye on the stopwatch, one on the devine.
Internal Combustion in the palm of your hand
Slips through your fingers back to where it began.

Instrumental solo.
Verse 3:
The warmth of a love, unique and intense,
A glow of contentment, commitment well spent,
Desire that gave meaning, in whole or in part,
To those other souls, to those open hearts.

repeat Chorus and fade.

Copyright ©2005 by Bob Lee