March 18, 2005

Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence Website - that's the real Bill Lawrence. The "Swampkaster Guitars" and "Bill Lawrence Pickups" web sites are pushing products that are not made by Bill Lawrence. Bill and Becky Lawrence are friends of mine and they're real nice folks. The imitator's name is Jzchak Wajcman, and I say he's a crook. He is using Bill's name and is trading on Bill's reputation. Read Becky's page about him here.

March 15, 2005

Cloverdale Facts

Neighborhood Finder Detail - MSN House & Home - I found this page about Cloverdale. It includes demographics, but oddly omits any ethnic information. I really wonder what percentage of Cloverdale is Hispanic. Seems to be a lot of Spanish speaking people here.

March 09, 2005

Bad GET after POST

There are bugs that keep you up at night. This was one of them. Our web site at has been getting a flood of error reports in the JRun log. There were no bug reports from users, though, and nothing that I did on my test machine could duplicate the error reports i was seeing on the production site.

Coworker Brad found the problem before I logged in this morning. It was specific to the Firefox browser. It seems that under certain conditions, Firefox will fire off a GET request with no parameters following a valid POST. The users got their response from the POST request, and the GET fell into the error log.

I rewrote the code to ignore the bad GET requests if the UserAgent is Firefox. That should fix it.

March 08, 2005

css Zen Garden

css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design - I knew that CSS was a powerful design tool, but nothing had prepared me for this. The HTML content of all the pages is exactly the same - only the cascading style sheet has changed. Amazing, beautiful page designs!

March 07, 2005

Connections 2

CD Baby: VARIOUS ARTISTS: Connections 2 - I found this link to a CD that I have a track on. It's a really good album by local Sonoma County people, created to benefit KRCB radio.

March 06, 2005

Open Hearts Band

Open Hearts Music is a web site I created for my main band, John Reece and Open Hearts. It was my first try at DreamWeaver templates. Nothing fancy. One nice touch is the way the color scheme extends to the scrollbar in Internet Explorer.

I'm a lot further into DreamWeaver now, and I'm thinking of redoing the site. I've been experimenting with PHP and MySql a bit. I'd like to try adding some real interactive features so our fans could post messages and build a bit of a community there.

A bit of history

The first b0bletter was hard copy, created in Aldus PageMaker under Windows Runtime. Windows Runtime was distributed with PageMaker at the time because very few people had Windows.

I had invested in an HP laser printer, and the b0bletter was my first excursion into computer-generated page layout. It was just two pages, and it talked about the things that I had been doing recently. I think there were 3 issues. Nobody subscribed, so I just lost interest.