March 18, 2005

Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence Website - that's the real Bill Lawrence. The "Swampkaster Guitars" and "Bill Lawrence Pickups" web sites are pushing products that are not made by Bill Lawrence. Bill and Becky Lawrence are friends of mine and they're real nice folks. The imitator's name is Jzchak Wajcman, and I say he's a crook. He is using Bill's name and is trading on Bill's reputation. Read Becky's page about him here.


EZ Wajcman said...

Dear Bob,
Please correct your mistake immediately!
You must be careful to avoid defaming someone.If a statement is being made, that may damage the reputation of a person or organization, care should be taken to make sure that the statement is not defaming. For a statement to be defamatory, the person publishing the statement must have known or should have known that the statement was false.

You made false statements about Jzchak Wajcman and his organization; these statements are defamatory and damaging to his reputation. I assume that the source of your information comes from Willi Stich’s PROPAGANDA and SMEAR CAMPIGN.

Incase you did not know,
“Bill Lawrence products” published by “Swampkaster Guitars” and “Bill Lawrence Pickups” are genuine. Jzchak wajcman is the only legal owner of the trade name and trademark. “Bill Lawrence”. Prior, to June 21st 1984 Jzchak Wajcman and your friend Will L. Stich were partners and owned the trade name “Bill Lawrence” on equal basis.

On March 1984 though Wajcman and Stich were equal partners, Stich began behind Wajcman’s back to manufacture guitar pickups in Germany. On May 1 1984, Willi Stich spent $200.000 to set up the new production facility in Germany with a new partner Klaus Humel. On or about June 1984 Stich told his original partner Wajcman that he cam to the concusion, it was not worth fighting over the “Bill Lawrence” trade name and trademark. Stich alleged: I can build up a new name faster and cheaper. He decided to return to his homeland Germany. Willi L. Stich owed Third National Bank in Nashville $361.000. The Bank was holding the Bill Lawrence Trade name as a Collateral. The Loan was in default and Stich was unable to pay the demand by the Bank. The Bank seeks to foreclose its liens and security interest in the Collateral.

By June 21 1984 Willi Stich, as a director of Lawrence Sound Research approved and personally guaranteed the sale of the collateral from the Bank to Wajcman’s newly formed CA Corporation Degalim Inc., on or after June 25 1984 Degalim Inc., purchased the trade name and trademark BILL LAWRENCE from the Bank. On March 25th 1985 Degalim Inc., and Bank assigned and transferred the Trade name “Bill Lawrence” To Jzchak Wajcman. Willi L. Stich the person that also calls himself Bill Lawrence moved back to Germany. He waited in Germany until after Jzchak Wajcman had satisfied Stich’s $361.000 loan to the full satisfaction of Third National Bank. In 1987, Stich came back to America.

b0b said...

The fact remains that my friend Bill Lawrence makes great pickups, and that Jzchak Wajcman makes inferior pickups and calls them "Bill Lawrence pickups". Something can be legal and not be right. Something can be legal and be crooked at the same time. Mr. Wajcman is not Bill Lawrence, the innovative electronic engineer. If Wajcman's products were any good, he wouldn't have to use Bill's name as his trademark. The market would flock to his products anyway.

If I started a band called "The Bobby Lee Trio" and then stopped booking gigs after a while, would it be right for the bass player to book gigs as "The Bobby Lee Trio" and play them without me? Even if we were legal partners in the original venture, he would be cheating the public to perform as "The Bobby Lee Trio" without Bobby Lee! I'm sure that many customers would want their money back.

If you want a Bill Lawrence pickup, buy one that's made by Bill Lawrence.

EZ Wajcman said...

The "real" Bill Lawrence.?

In 1965 Jzchak Wajcman and Willi Stich founded the Bill Lawrence Guitar Pickup Company (Lawrence Electro sound). They invented the fictitious trade name “Bill Lawrence”

Prior to 1965 Willi Stich had bean performing under the name “Billy Lorento”. Willi L. Stich understood and agreed that the business name could not be Billy Lorento Pickups because he did not have the rights to the name. Fred Wilfer- the owner of Framus Guitar Company in Nuerenberg owned that name. Willi Stich the person that also calls himself Bill Lawrence told Guitar Player Magazine that Framus owned Willi’s professional name “Billy Lorento” and he had to change the name to “Bill Lawrence”

From the Original text of the “ASSIGNMENT”. (signed by Willi Stich on 21 September 1978):

Whereas, Willi L. Stich has used the T R A D E - N A M E of “BILL LAWRENCE” to market a line of guitar accessories including but not limited to guitar string, cord and magnetic pick-ups; ……… for valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the ASSIGNOR HEREBY ASSIGNS TO THE ASSIGNEE ALL RIGHT; TITLE AND INTEREST TO THE TRADE NAME “BILL LAWRENCE”

By 1984 The “Bill Lawrence” TRADE NAME was owned by Third National Bank in Nashville. Not anymore by Willi Stich. It is no different from the situation in 1965 with his Billy Lorento Name and Framus. By taking a $361.000 loan from the Bank and pledging your TRADE NAME as a collateral you are taking a calculated risk that if you default you lose. If you give your car or your house as a collateral to the Bank and you don’t pay, it’s gone by by. I did not make the laws in America. Bob, if you don’t like it, go run for president and change the laws. Until then, the “REAL BILL LAWRENCE” is the one that owns the “Bill Lawrence” name legally. It is not Willi your friend.

b0b said...

Well EZ, people can buy pickups from you, or they can buy them from Bill. I've stated my opinions and made my recommendation. I have nothing more to say on the matter.