September 15, 2005

Trio Recording

As promised, here's a recording of "Internal Combustion":
3.3 MB MP3 File

It's John Reese, Nancy Freitas and me, recorded at my house last night.


Anonymous said...
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Lou said...

Hi Brother,
Thanks for the lyrics. Nicely done!I guess the muses have been busy in this family. I just finished a song for Donna and I printed out the lyrics to send to a few poeple. I'll send you a copy. Love, Ginya
PS i don't understand this "blog" business yet, but I created an account to play around with.

shoshanah said...

Nice song. I think it would be nice with a little more marimba. The marimba makes it unique. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the listen, b0b. Very nice. If you have a sudden inspiration for a follow-up, it could be called Spontaneous Combustion.
-- Don

b0b said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone.

Shoshanah, I did play marimba all the way through. It wasn't miked up close, though, so it tends to get buried in the sound of the guitars.

Lou said...

Hi Bob,
I'm at Lou's and she played your song for me. I like it!
Love, Mom

Matt said...

Beautiful lyrics! And the music works well too-I had no idea marimba could be so interesting! Greeting from Europe.