January 04, 2010

Switching things around.

F# +G +G
D +D# +E +E -C#
B +C# +C
A +B -G#
F# +G -F
D +D# +E +D#
B +C
G +A -E -F#

Putting the C6th P5 & P6 changes together on pedals (P3 and P4 here) makes a lot of sense, as it preserves my C6th reflex movements. I moved the C6th P7 change to LKR. The only downside to this swap seems to be that I can't get that F note when my foot is on P1 & P2 (E9th mode).

If I had a ten string, I'd add high and middle E notes to this tuning. I think that would add most of the missing licks from the E9th tuning. With a middle E, I wouldn't need the 6th string raise on LKV and I could lower it to C# instead.

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b0b said...

Update: I've been performing all of my gigs and sessions with this copedent since January. I'm really happy with it.

I still think that a first string tuned to E would be handy, but I don't feel the need for a middle E so much anymore. I keep thinking that a pedal between P2 and P3 raising the 6th and 7th strings a full step would be useful. Six pedals is a lot, though.